Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Most of our guided tours are bookable online and we offer both open guided tours at fixed times and private guided tours. See available dates under each tour below or browse all tours here:

Group bookings

We also accept larger groups such as bus trips, school classes and corporate groups.

Send your request to

Tiveden always offers us wonderful experiences regardless of the weather. Therefore, you can be sure that a booked guided tour will take place. It is only when there is too much wind or flooding, that we may have to move the tour to another time or place for safety reasons.

Our guided tours:

Guidning, Tivedens guider, foto: Annika Alexandersson

Guided tour - Breakfast in the forest

Early bird in Tiveden National Park! We fix the breakfast. Being up early in these surroundings is something very special. The sounds, smells and light are so much more tangible. Maybe a capercaillie flies up from its night spot.

We follow the trails and you will experience small wonders along our walk, stories about life in and around the forests. Eventually, we set up breakfast in a beautiful spot and let the sun warm us.

When we separate at the main entrance car park a few hours later, you will have the whole day ahead of you in the national park and have received several personal tips for your own discoveries from your guide.

Guidning, Tivedens guider. Foto: Nina Borgmann-Kaiser

Guided tour - Evening coffee with lake view

Tiveden National Park and Tiveden’ s guides invite you on a magical evening tour. We follow trails that you may have walked before. But in our company you will experience Tiveden in a new way.

We show you hidden gems, tell you the tales and myths that bring your imagination to life. When we arrive at our viewpoint, we’ll prepare the coffee and evening sandwiches and enjoy the silence.

Guidning vid Stenkälla

Summer guided tour – History and legends around Stenkälla

Follow our guide along one of the oldest parts of the National Park – Stenkällan. During the tour you will experience legends and stories about Tiveden and its inhabitants during the ages, with discoveries of the exciting nature we are in. The hike is partly hilly and it is important to watch where you put your feet, but we will walk at a pace, so that everyone can keep up.

This tour is suitable for those, who want to know more and get a personal experience of Tiveden National Park. Our guide is happy to give you tips on other hikes in Tiveden.

Good idea to bring a water bottle and wear sturdy shoes.

Guidning, Tivedens guider, foto: Annika Alexandersson

Spellbounds in the light of the campfire

Meet us in the evening at Vitsand. Together we light the fire after talking about how to make a fire in different ways. While the coffee is simmering over the fire and we bake something delicious, we start telling stories.

We create magic through our legends and tales, stories and hearsay about life in and around Tiveden. You are welcome to join us.

Artvandring med Lovisa. foto: Kersti Beck Larsson

Species walks with Lovisa

Thursdays week 28-32, 18.00-21.00
Biodiversity is important, during this walk you will learn more about the species found in Tiveden and why they need to be protected for future generations. Lovisa conducts these tours as a way to give back to nature some of the things that have given her so much joy. Join Lovisa and learn more about what lives in Tiveden.

Preferably in several layers because you get hot easily when hiking in Tiveden. A windproof or waterproof jacket can be useful in cooler temperatures or rain.

Free. Mandatory pre-registration via email:

Tivedens guider, skogsbad, Annika Alexandersson

Forest bathing

Hike with open minds and enjoy the healing powers of nature.

Over the past 25 years, research has confirmed what people have probably always known – that nature helps reduce stress and makes us feel good. We do different exercises to open our minds and find peace.

I want to give you nature guidance, that touches you and gets you to an undemanding, but deepened contact and relationship with the surrounding environment where we are.

Group bookings

Guides are available for Swedish, English and German speaking groups.

The price includes also:

  • Planning of the tour according to your wishes.
  • Preparation of the tour, schedule and content.
  • Booking of a meal or ’fika’ in a restaurant or in nature.
  • Guide’s travel to and from the starting point.

Food and entrance fees to sights are not included, but can be added according to your wishes.

Group bookings can be made by bus groups, study groups, school classes, student groups and companies. Send your request to our email:

Tivedens guider, foto: Kersti Beck Larsson

Private guide tour

If you are a small group of 2-8 people, you can book your own Tiveden guide to make your experience of Tiveden more comprehensive. The guide shows the hidden gems along the trail. You will learn more about how Tiveden National Park was once formed. You will also be offered surprises along the trail.

You can choose between Stenkällerundan, Stigmansrundan and Tärnakullerundan.

Language: Swedish, English, German
Time: 2.5-3 hours depending on which round you choose.
Difficulty: Medium – All trails are demanding and in case of rain it can be slippery over stones and tree roots.

Tivedens guider

School classes, study circles, study visits for students etc.

We can offer your group a greater experience of Tiveden together with our guides. This can include nature knowledge, stories and legends, cooking, sensory exercises.

Send a booking request and we will match your wishes with guides with specialized knowledge.

Tivedens guider; sittande guidning

Seated guided tour at Vitsand (1,5h)

It is possible to experience Tiveden even with reduced mobility. At Vitsand we offer you a seated guided tour. Our local Tiveden guide tells you about the Tiveden National Park, about the people who have lived in the area and the tales and legends that have been told over the years. While the guide talks, you can taste the locally roasted coffee that we offer the group.

For those who wish, it is possible to go upp a ramp and enjoy the view of lake Trehörningen and the scents of the forest.

Make sure everyone has a cushion to sit on and a jumper/jacket to wear if it’s cool.

Tivedens guider; guidning med busstur

Bus tour with local Tiveden guide (3h)

The tours can start at Olshammarsgården, Stigmansgården or Tivedstorp, where you also return. Once our guide has met you, the journey through Tiveden begins for real.

During the tour, the guide will tell you about nature, the history of Tiveden National Park, life in the forests and several legends that have been told through the ages.

During the tour we make a stop at the main entrance of the National Park or at the Vitsand entrance depending on the wishes of the group. It is accessible and there are dry toilets.

At all starting points a lunch or coffee (‘fika’) can be served, which we can book on your request before or after the tour.

Tivedens guider; tillgänglig guidning

Accessible guided tour to Junker Jägare’s stone (2-2,5h)

Is your group looking for a guided tour with different experiences and stories, wants to experience Tiveden, but can’t go that far? Then this tour can be a good alternative.

The stretch is about 1500 m. in total and is adapted for accessibility with a footbridge and a hard-packed path where it is possible to use a pram, walker and wheelchair with a little pushing on a small hill. You experience the tall trees of Tiveden, the smells, the light and the sounds.

The local guide offers you stories and facts about Tiveden along the hike. At Junker Jägare’s stone there is a seating area for those who want to rest their legs for a while.

Tivedens guider

Companies and staff groups

Our individual nature guides can offer guided tours and experiences for your company or personnel group. Make a booking request and we will put you in touch with an available guide based on your wishes.

Our most inspiring stone in Tiveden is certainly the Junker Jägare’s stone. A boulder, transported by the Ice, that rises 15m up. Let us tell you the sad tale of the young woman, who fell in love with a simple hunter and what happened right here at this stone.

Our nature guides offer even more guided tours under the auspices of their own companies. You will find more information about them in the presentations on our page.

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