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Tiveden’s guides is a non-profit association, that brings together local nature guides. Therefore, we can offer several different guided tours adapted to different target groups. We know our area and care about nature and the people who live here. When you hire us and meet one of Tiveden’s guides you also contribute to sustainable rural development.

Together, we also have the task from the county administration in Örebro to be hosts at the main entrance to Tiveden National Park during the opening hours of the summer months.

karta Tiveden

Our nature guides are trained for their mission in Tiveden National Park and to create interesting and exciting guided tours. Some of us are also Certified Nature Guides.

We are partners of Tiveden’s National Park, which is a quality mark that is found around several of Sweden’s national parks.

Tiveden is a wilderness area, where it takes time for the emergency services to arrive. This makes it extra important that our guides are safety conscious. As part of this, all guides have a current training in CPR L-ABC, which we combine annually with refresher courses.

If you want to know more about our association, contact our chairman Cecilia Söderberg at info@tivedensguider.se.

We are Tiveden’s guides:

Tivedens Guider; Cecilia Söderberg

Cecilia Söderberg, chairman Tiveden's guides

I think it is nice and relaxing to spend time in nature and especially in Tiveden where I grew up. It is also satisfying to share knowledge that one is passionate about.

Since I’m a bit of a history nerd, I like to tell people about how they lived in Tiveden in the 17th century and until today. Fairy tales and legends not least. I’m also happy to talk about why the national park was created and why it is so special with the displacements of the rock layers and rift valleys!

Bertil Larsson

I enjoy meeting people and telling stories about nature and the people who have lived in Tiveden over the years. I like trees and birds the most.

I recommend you visit Tiveden in the spring, the light is so nice, and it is cool to meet new plants and animals every time. I guide both in English and Swedish.

Welcome to join me and my guide colleagues on a wonderful experience in Tiveden.

Tivedens Guider; Ines Scholz

Ines Scholz

I love being out in nature, it’s good for body and soul to move at your own pace and enjoy the silence and/or the birds chirping. I like the lakes so my favorite is Trehörning trail, where you can even visit Stenkälla.

I prefer to guide about staying in nature without leaving “footprints”, moving in silence if possible to be able to hear and see flora and fauna, to find motifs to take pictures of and to see the beauty in the small things.

Tivedens Guider; David Tverling

David Tverling, Naturguide Tiveden

If you love to experience nature, watch or photograph birds or wild animals or maybe even discover and explore the real natural forest beyond the beaten paths, you are warmly welcome to join us at Naturguide Tiveden!

We have been conducting guided tours in small groups since 2014 with experiences such as capercaillie game, grouse game, moose safari, beaver safari, owl photo, owl safari, wolverine watching and more.

For us, you as a guest are in focus, the group community is very important as well as good real food cooked outdoors and good accommodation in Tiveden.

Read more about us on our website: naturguidetiveden.se

Kersti Beck Larsson

I want to tell you, tell you about the nature in Tiveden and at ‘Sjö-Tiveden’ as Vättern beaches are called. Show everything that is so close to us. I like to do this over a cup of coffee cooked over the fire.

For me, mornings in the national park are magical. Nature wakes up and the sun’s warming rays glide down between the branches of the old pine trees. I also get to be on my own if I haven’t taken a group on a Dawn Walk, when we usually serve a lovely breakfast with a view of lake Trehörningen or Vättern.

Tivedens Guider; Nina Borgmann-Keiser

Nina Borgmann-Kaiser

Out in nature, in the forests and lakes of Tiveden, among the boulders and rock holes, between trees, mosses, lichens and all the animals – I feel best and feel at home.

I am passionate about meeting people and inviting them to the fantastic nature of Tiveden, telling them about the cultural history with all its tales and myths.

I like to be outside in all seasons, but I think the fall is a little extra magical, especially when you make a fire, cook and make coffee.

Tivedens Guider; Annika Alexandersson

Annika Alexandersson

I want to convey the healing powers of nature and guide you in scenic places with different sensory experiences, that may make you feel a new affinity with nature. Tiveden also offers magical wilderness with narrow valleys, boulders and beautiful rocks, that invite you to climb and marvel at the different nature.

Spring and fall both have their charms, but if you go to Vitsand, you want to swim, and summer is best.

Tivedens Guider; Tomas Olausson

Tomas Olausson

I guide because I like being out in the forest and countryside, both as a hiker and orienteer. To share everything there is to see in “our” fantastic Tiveden, both inside and outside NP. My favorite round is Oxögabergsrundan. A lovely hike, with some small Tived’s lakes with crystal clear water, where I like to take my coffee break.

As a former biology teacher, I like to talk about the plants and animals in the area. Trying to convey how fantastic our nature is and how different species depend on each other.

Tivedens Guider; Marian van Ham

Marian van Ham

Walking in our challenging nature in Tiveden and talking about our area, is what I love to do. Together we discover all kinds of exciting things in this special nature.

My most foreign guests are also interested in more general information about Sweden, about the society and how it is to live here. It gives a special orientation during the tour and it is fun to try to explain.

Tivedens Guider; Henning Förster

Henning Förster

My name is Henning, I come from Germany and moved to Sweden in 2020.

My focus is on sensory experiences. My guests can experience Stenkälla and Tiveden’s beautiful nature with body and soul. As a host at the main entrance, I am happy to answer any questions.

In short, I seek contact with people who love being in nature and who want to get in touch with it themselves.

Tivedens Guider; Angelina Gyllin

Angelina Gyllin

I have nature, outdoor life and physical activity as my main interests.

I have chosen to focus on a slightly higher pace on our trails as I want all people to feel welcome in the forest and land, Tiveden National Park can be experienced in so many ways. The pace is not running but a slightly faster walk.

But do not fear, I will of course adapt the pace to you. And show you my favorite places. I am happy to tell you about Tiveden National Park, the importance of biodiversity, and how we are working to get there.

Tivedens Guider; Lovisa Larsson

Lovisa Larsson, Traceless i Tiveden

My name is Lovisa Larsson and unfortunately, you cannot rent canoes from me. However, I can teach you how to paddle – like a ‘pro’. As a nature guide, I create paddling courses and guided tours in a wooden canoe. As well as hikes focusing on biodiversity and campfire courses in the forest.

I named my company Traceless in Tiveden because it describes how I want to live my outdoor life. Simple, local, in balance with nature and with as little negative environmental impact as possible.

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Photo cred: Monica Bergerstedt, Kersti Beck Larsson, Annika Alexandersson, Nina Borgmann-Kaiser, Peter Söderberg, Ines Scholz, Kent Steen

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